Vaccine Verification Solutions

Vaccine verification is a complex process, but we make it simple. Since 1994, Medicat has verified millions of vaccinations across the country and beyond, and during the pandemic, we’ve already verified over 100,000 COVID vaccinations.

Industry-leading vaccine verification software

Medicat’s world-class verification software gives you the features you need.

  • Smarter filtering
  • Quicker document access & faster review
  • Better sub-grouping with cohorts
  • Clearer visualization of missing requirements
  • Easier reminders
  • Integration with State Immunization Registries

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Team of medical professionals sitting at computers

Scalable, expert verification services team

This is not new to us. We’ve been providing vaccine verification services for over a decade. Let our experts do the verification for you so you can get back to your real work.

  • Expert nurse-trained team in place
  • 500,000+ vaccines verified
  • 20,000+ verifications per week
  • Online documentation collection & verification
  • Integration with State Immunization Registries
  • Easy access to current verification reports (no IT required)

Verification services give you security and peace of mind.

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Total employee vaccine record

  • Initial COVID vaccines
  • COVID Booster vaccines
  • Integration with State Immunization Registries

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